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The Idea of Me

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

During our yoga stories we explore a variety of emotions from happiness, excitement and bravery to feeling sad, scared or lonely. Not only do I use stories to touch upon emotions but I also check in with the children with emotion faces so that they can tell me how they are feeling that day. But why is it so important for us to look and identify these emotions for pre-schoolers?

This photo was taken when Trudy was 2 and trying to vocalise her upset. From 2 years old, our children begin to build up an emotional vocabulary so that they can identify different feelings and know that feeling sad is different from feeling angry, etc.

If a child grows without feelings being identified or not represented accurately then it can become difficult to manage those emotions. This all contributes to the child's sense of self.

The sense of self becomes established at about 3 years old when the hippocampus is developing. The hippocampus is part of the brain that creates memories and is linked to emotions too. The sense of self is a complicated concept but putting it into basic terms, it is how we see ourselves and "the idea of me".

So not only is yoga great for children's physical development but it is also really great for their emotional development too and this is just as important as research shows that as young children develop, their early emotional experiences literally become embedded in the architecture of their brains.

So talk to your children, help identify their feelings and make it fun through activities such as yoga.

An upset Trudy aged 2 years

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