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MPower Awards

I am celebrating right now!! I have reached the finals of the MPower Awards!! This is incredibly exciting because these awards showcase the hardworking mums in business who are juggling family life and a business of their very own.

Growing a business is a challenge itself but add in the demands of family life then it's a balancing act like no other. One minute you are planning lessons and sharing your passion with a group of small children to the next moment you are making tea, whilst sticking in some washing and shouting at the children to part from their screens. As a mother, my family and their needs are my priority but it is wonderful to achieve something just for me. Being a mum can be all consuming and it is so easy to lose your identity. Having these awards help mums in business gain that identity back. Growing a business is a challenge itself but add in the demands of children then it's a balancing act like no other. This is why the MPower awards are something that are very much needed in the business world. It recognises the challenges that mums in business face and it celebrates those women who are reaching for their dreams.

As I grow my children's yoga business, it is wonderful to receive such recognition and to be listed amongst some amazing and inspirational women across the country. You'll find me in the Vision category because it is my vision that I am most proud of. As a children's yoga teacher, I want to make yoga fun and engaging for children and let every child in my local area have access to yoga through schools, pre-schools, community groups as well as my tots classes. There is an increase in pressure on children and it is not surprising that children are now suffering with stress and anxiety from an early age. Yoga and meditation can support our children's wellbeing as we enable them to connect to themselves as well as their surroundings. A time to press pause on those busy minds.

Through Little Yoga Stars I am making my vision a reality. I have had the opportunity to engage children in yoga stories in our local community. I am absolutely thrilled to witness children get to grips with balance and co-ordination and also see their progression in concentration and their ability to use their breath to help them calm and regulate themselves. These skills are so important and help combat the worrying rise of anxiety in children.

The awards are judged by a panel of experts in the business industry with the glitzy award gala taking place on the 29th June 2019. I am looking forward to attending the gala evening, leaving my leggings at home (and the husband and children too ;-) ).

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